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Рецензия на альбом "Эклектика" (www.spirit-of-metal.com)

[21 мая 2009]

Оценка: 19/20

Russian band EVERLOST may be familiar to you, as “Eklektika” is their 3d album during 7 years. But you should forget the first album, as this one is totally different. It actually also differs from the previous one, “Noise Factory”. You never know what you will hear when you buy the new EVERLOST album, and that’s great. Not many bands can do that.
“Eklektika” in Russian means Eclecticism. It’s a conceptual approach that draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject; it can sometimes seem inelegant or lacking in simplicity. Well, it’s something complicated as hell. But I couldn’t say that Everlost combines many different styles, theories and principles. The band has its own one style that changes from one album to another, becames more complicated, containes more features and absorbs more experience, but still it’s one single style (and the band keeps the great balance between the melody and the rhythm they found on “Noise Factory”). As for combining different styles, yes, you can find here a lot of different and many-sided details and features, like something from rock’n’roll, power metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal, growling and clean vocals, different kinds of keyboards (from classical piano to modern electronic sounds), sounds and effects. EVERLOST added more clean vocals this time – now the band has the second vocalist. Actually here clean vocal even dominates. Musicians added more melody, more oriental tunes. Music is not so brutal as before, though it’s still heavy and harsh, with perfect drumming, massive rhythm guitars and intensivity. This album sounds a bit progressive, but it’s not that metal we used to call progressive, it’s more straight and rhythmic. It’s not the progressive just for professionals, it’s the perfect modern metal with deep sence for everybody.
Maybe it should be so when the band makes a philosophical album from the first note to the last letters of the booklet. This music is not so complicated that you could forget about words. Lyrics (in Russian) tell about time, fate, darkness and light, paradise and hell, search of the own way, death, love and other images of that kind – but every song is a special story. Here it’s real eclecticism: musicians tell about everything, and more, you can find in the booklet a lot of quotes from different philosophers and famous people (Russo, Schopenhauer, Francis Bacon, Thomas Hardy and many others). It’s even amazing how musicians use so many high-sounding words and it doesn’t seem ridiculous nor pathetic.
This album is intense, emotional, powerful and interesting, with a couple of beautiful ballads, with the great quality of recording and design. It’s something different. And also the CD contains a multimedia section with video, player, band history, etc.


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