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Рецензия на альбом Bitterness Of The Triumph (metal-observer.com)

[02 июля 2004]

Оценка: 7/10

Hm, it is not all that common to find a Russian band completely operating in English. EVERLOST from Moscow is one of these representatives, even though I must say that you do not understand much of it anyway, as they have chosen the melodic side of Death Metal, released via Metal Agen/Soyuz, so one of the biggest labels of Russia, should be a sign that EVERLOST are up to something, no?

Well, guitarist of EVERLOST is Andrey Smirnov, known from SHADOWHOST, who had founded the band in 2001, together with his six string partner Pavel Chernobay. 2002 followed the promo CD “Suicidal Instincts“, after which singer Dmitry left the band and Andrey took over the vocals, while they hired the services of drummer Sergey Serebrennikov of TAUREMORNA, followed by this contract and now “Bitterness Of The Triumph“.

As SEDUCER’S EMBRACE had already left a positive impression, I had been pretty anxious to hear EVERLOST. For sure they sound less strongly influenced by the Gothenburg Death than SEDUCER’S EMBRACE (while they definitely are not a copy of that sound either and have several highly interesting elements in their sound), but prefer a dryer sound, which also is a bit more technical.

After the title track, which is not much more than an intro, “Humanity Wasted” sets out heavy and melodic, but far away from Gothenburg, at the same time less playful, but more technical, especially the gentlemen Smirnov and Chernobay really convince here, as does the more melodic “Servant Of Existence”, where they operate a good bit less heavy and also use some piano, the link without a doubt is Smirnov’s harsh voice, here you rather can draw a line to the second biggest town of Sweden, but not too obviously.

After the first two listening sessions I had thought that EVERLOST would just be another sand grain on the wide Death Metal beach, but I have to say that this album grows, like when for example “The Paradox…” surprises with clean vocals (by Sergey Sergeev of SHADOWHOST, also to be heard on “Thought Inquisition”) and acoustic guitars at the beginning, to turn into a very melodic Death Metal track, with gripping guitars and the usual harsh vocals, later on with some more piano, very good track indeed!

The production from Megaton Studio is a bit dry, but with power, which fits the songs very nicely. Nice, too, that they do not sound like all the others and the clean vocals as accentuation also are a nice touch. With “Bitterness Of The Triumph“ EVERLOST delivered a good and promising debut, which lets me really hope for a second part.

Alexander Melzer

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